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Data-driven decision making

Business Intelligence

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In an area where every detail matters, LIS Analytics offers a deep and comprehensive view of laboratory data.

Maximize Efficiency and Accuracy with LIS Analytics for Laboratory Medicine

In leading position of the technological revolution in laboratory medicine, we proudly present LIS Analytics. This is more than a Business Intelligence system; it is the key to transforming your laboratory operation into a efficiency and precision machine.

The Power of Knowledge:

In an area where every detail matters, LIS Analytics offers a deep and comprehensive view of laboratory data, gathering scattered information and transforms it into clear and actionable insights. Discover patterns, trends and abnomormalities which could be critical for improving the quality of your services and saving precious resources.

Informed Decision Making:

Data-driven decision making is the backbone of a successful laboratory medicine operation. LIS Analytics enables your team to make fast and clear data-based decisions, optimizing resource allocation. Improve efficiency, reduce errors, and increase customer’s satisfaction with accurate, real-time information.


We know each laboratory is unique. Thus LIS Analytics is highly customizable to meet your specific needs. Adjust the reports, boards, and metrics to perfectly align with your goals and workflows.

Security and Compliance:

In laboratory medicine, data security has paramount importance. LIS Analytics offers robust security and compliance resources to ensure patient data is processed with the highest ethical and legal standard.


Fully integrated with LISNet, it clearly provides valuable information and indicators on service, production, billing, among a multitude of important and essential information available on LISNet.

LIS Analytics is prepared to take your laboratory medicine to new levels of excellence. Optimize your processes, and improve the quality of patient care. Partner with us to turn data into action and stay at the leading position of innovation in laboratory medicine.

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